Selected Poems Online

Jill Falls for Jack (at Verse Daily)

How After Snowmelt (at Verse Daily)

This is What It's Like to Slice Open (Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art)

The Decloaking of Lil Red (Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art)

Now All Is Echo (at Cimarron Review)

Objects Used to Prop Open a Window (at American Life in Poetry)

To Skin Bare (at The Hopper)

About Tardigrades (at Green Briar Review)

Upon Encountering in the Woods, the House... (at Decomp)

The Bundling Board (at Boxcar Poetry Review)

Minnesota (at Cellpoems)

Homecoming (at Failbetter)

Selected Prose Online

Isle Royale Balsam Fir cones / photo MM

Sixteen (at Bellingham Review)

On Going Up (at Thread)

On Mattresses (at Connotation Press)

On Marathon Thinking (at Fringe Magazine)

On Becoming Vegan (at Superstition Review)

Selected Interviews, Audio, & Other Goodness

A brief interview with the Belfast Creative Coalition.

A brief interview at Poets Touching Trees

A brief interview at PANK

Michelle reads her poems published in Pank Magazine.

Michelle reads a beautiful poem by Jennifer K. Sweeney over at Linebreak

Apostle Islands Ice Formation / photo MM

And more coming soon!

More writing appears or is forthcoming in the following print publications: Cimarron Review, New Poetry from the Midwest AnthologyThe Southeast Review, Harpur Palate, New South, Written River: The Journal of Eco-Poetics, Dunes Review, Crab Creek Review, Glass Poetry Press, The MacGuffin, Redactions: Poetry & Poetics, Quarter After EightSilk Road Review, and others.